Halloween Costumes

Seems crazy to think of walking on the streets in the weirdest outfits you can dare to think of. But that's just what Halloween is all about. It is the day when America gets crazy and wild. Halloween is a time when fantasies and imaginations take the center stage; there is no room for reality. People all over the world on this day dress up in all sorts of funny, scary and some even gory halloween costumes. It has in fact become the festival of weird costumes so much so that 'Halloween costumes' has now become the most favorite term for any costume seller.
It is believed that on Halloween the spirits wandering around no where, come down to the earth on this particular day, in search of human bodies to possess. People dress up with halloween costumes as ghosts, ghouls and witches to scare away these evil spirits from taking hold of them. Though, today it may seem crazy, people continue to dress up such on Halloween and wander around the streets at night for fun.

They decorate themselves in the weirdest possible ways using black, gray, bright oranges and red color Halloween makeup. Some even wear strange looking body parts made of latex rubber. People walk around with objects such as scythes, sticks, skull props and animals made of plastic, foam or rubber. Even the homes are decorated in typical Halloween styles; scary pictures on the walls, broken furniture. The lights are put out and the legendary 'jack-o-lantern' is lit in a pumpkin carved out like a man's face. But in the recent times, the crudeness has softened with more creative ways of celebrating the festival. People dress up in many innovative and funny Halloween costumes like the clown, or comic character. Infants and toddlers are dressed up as cute little buntings. Read more about halloween costumes safety.

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